October 16, 2019

Intro To Life Lessons

Throughout 2015 and 2016 a strange combination of changes took place in my life. Amidst them, a picture formed in my mind. It was not something I understood, and it was unlike other artistic pictures (or visions) I've had in the past. This led to my spending about two years writing, demoing, and developing these songs, until finally turning them into this double album.

I'm not really sure what I was trying to accomplish or say. I'm as curious about it as I assume my listeners are. The process of bringing these songs about was very instinctual and impulsive. It wasn't exactly in my control. So I ca...

July 1, 2019

There are many selves we can experience throughout a single lifetime. There are those through which we learn, those through which we teach, those through which we suffer, and those through which we can be truly alive. Each identity we act out is a part of a constant war between our individualism and authority. Authority is recognized through the exchange of dominance and submission. The expression of dominance by a group or tribe we “belong to” is often in explicit opposition to our individualism. When we must, we offer submission by neglecting our individual selves. This secures our personhood in a way, keeping our course con...

December 23, 2018

I wake up in the morning in a small red house in the woods surrounded by trees and birds. I look out the window at the doe walking with the fawn, or the woodpecker being a bastard, or the groundhog squinting upward like he needs glasses. The house is precisely the temperature I want it to be, which these days is a toasty 65˚. I watch the cardinals eat and the hummingbirds fight. These are the only other souls in sight. It’s quiet. My view is unaffected by other people. I can go out on the porch and hear the buzzing moan of the highway in the distance. The humans are going to work. No one gets here by wandering. One only gets h...

December 4, 2016

IDIOMS (unreleased album, 2014/2015)

Now And Then

You and me came from crawling

To see the world, the stars come falling

The seven seas, the plains of winter

And more than I can remember

But now and then

And so be it

But now and then

I don’t see it

You and me came from others

And shared it with sisters, brothers

For a time, for forever

All alone, all together

But now and then

And so be it

But now and then

I don’t see it

You and me are bound for leaving

Eventually, and ever freeing

And someone said we can’t live forever

And no man can escape the weather

But now and then

And so be it

But now and then

I don’t see it

You and me have seen the snowing

The dea...

April 21, 2016

The Tyler Nail Trio took a trip to Gatlinburg TN in 2014. Or early 2015. We played at Sugarland's Distilling, one of our favorite spots in Gatlinburg. Before we left the next day, we decided to go out and see some of the sights. We mainly went across the street to the arcade and the needle. While we were there, we were all playing with our phones and capturing some of the atmosphere. We found it to be worth taking note of. Around that time I had recently written Farewell The Dear. Quique had the idea to record a take of that song once we got home, and asked that we give him our footage from the trip so that he could play...

February 27, 2016

The Tyler Nail Trio will be playing our final 3 shows in March. Our final Winston-Salem area show will be this Thursday (March 3rd) at Muddy Creek café. We’ll then play March 13th in Walnut Cove, NC, and March 18th in Floyd, VA.


There are a few reasons for this change. One is that John and Quique are both being pulled toward new places. Nothing is set in stone, but it seems likely that John and Quique will both be moving on to new locations for their own respective reasons. These moves could be temporary or could be prolonged. We aren’t sure what the result will be. But regardless of that, I'm also being pulled in new directio...

February 24, 2016

Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Chris Stapleton for The Relish. I started listening to Stapleton a few years ago, when his was the voice of The Steeldrivers. I quickly turned fan of his voice and songwriting. I went on to learn that I'd been listening to his songs for years and hadn't known it. Some of them I liked, some of them I hated, but he was a Nashville hit-maker. 


Stapleton has written some insultingly charmless songs, such as "Drink A Beer" by Luke Brian. But for every Stapleton song I can criticize, there's another I can admire. Like most anyone who hears him, I'm hooked on...

February 10, 2016

Quique Rodriguez-Pastor is mainly two things to the team– my bassist and brainstorming companion. Quique has been stuck in cars with me from W-S to Texas, to Maine, to Michigan, and all over the southeast. He's not only contributed a whole lot of his time, but we've used that time to be creative and productive when we could have spent it on less. The creativity and taste he brings to his role as a bassist is pretty much more than a boy could ask for. 


But almost more importantly to me, Quique is that dude that I can talk that crazy ishh with when we're driving for like 5 hours. He and I can brainstorm art and teach e...

February 10, 2016

Johnathan Loos is a man who needs no introduction- mainly because you can tell by looking at him that his name is probably "John" or "Kyle" or something like that. John might have a common name, but he's no common fellow. John has many sides and many talents. Outside of his work with me, he has this other job that I can't really elaborate on too much. But in our working together, John is a songwriter, bandleader, mixer, recording engineer, guitarist, singer, financial manager type thing, concept developer, and a generally creative person. He's sometimes a sort of counter-weight to some qualities of mine. He's sometimes the rei...

February 8, 2016


Under Evergreens by Tyler Nail

Released: Jan 8th, 2016

Available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify


Produced & engineered by Tyler Nail

Mixed by Tyler Nail & Johnathan Loos

Mastered by Matt Tuttle

The majority of the instrumentation is performed by Tyler Nail

Featuring instrumentation by: Johnathan Loos, Sam Kossler, Quique Rodriguez-Pastor


Album notes: "I wrote Under Evergreens around 2010. I wanted to write something focused on imagery.This was inspired by the idea that one could picture a world that was made of one's favorite items. A tire swing. A river. A willow tree. Passing moments, like when leaves are stuck on your window, o...

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